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MOISSANITE — lab grown diamond engagement ring


Moissanite vs Diamond a Fair Comparision

The following article will give a topic by topic comparison of moissanite and diamonds. Both are made from naturally recurring minerals. The diamond is made from carbon and the moissanite is made f...

A Gem For Dreamers

Don’t lie, we’ve ALL done this, ladies. We’ve all randomly made our way to the costume jewelry aisle in Target and tried on the super conspicuous diamond ring on our left ring fifinger and imagined...

Moissanite Ring the New Trend

People are getting over the mindset that a moissanite ring is a cheap diamond ring. Or a clone of a diamond ring. This is totally wrong because a moissanite ring is a valuable stone as well. It is ...

Are lab diamond real diamonds?

Lab diamond is artificially synthesized in the laboratory and has basically the same physical properties, chemical composition and crystal structure as natural diamond.At present, the methods for l...

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