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Life throws a little sparkle when you really need it. This happened to me, when I got my first DovEggs ring.

At that time I was trying to punch Cancer in the face and due to my weakened immune system I had to stay most of the time at home. I have always loved jewelry in general, but especially diamonds and sapphires, so I spent my time learning about gems and cuts. That is when I came across this new intriguing stone called moissanite. Between doctors‘ appointments and lab tests, I began reading as much as I could about this stone that had so much brilliance and fire. I began researching about the companies that had the best quality stones, the best cuts and craftsmanship and DovEggs popped every single time, so I decided to give it a try.


I ordered a sterling silver 1.5ct solitaire from the Amazon store. When it arrived, I opened the box like a little kid on Christmas morning. The ring was what I hoped for and much more. It blew me away! the stone was so brilliant and clear and it sparkled in a very unique way, showing shades of blues, reds and purples. I literally saw stars and galaxies inside the depth of the stone and I immediately fell in love with it. 

A few weeks later (and a few more purchases from DovEggs!) I was told that I had won the battle and was cancer free! 

I cannot stop thinking of my ring as a good omen, a lucky charm. My ring symbolizes a new beginning, my rebirth and seeing it sparkle makes me smile every time. It just makes me think that life has brilliance and fire just like my moissy and that good things may be just a little spark away! 

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