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"Attached is a copy of my story. Thank you again for this opportunity! "


‘Since I was 13 years old, I knew I wanted to do something big, different, and difficult. I decided after one flight with my Uncle Gene, I wanted to be a pilot. Unfortunately, before I could start full time flight school my Uncle died in an unfortunate light airplane accident. 


I wanted to continue my pursuits and make my uncle proud. I enrolled into the same university as my Uncle went to, and enlisted in the Air Force same as he did. My family and I could not afford college, so I enlisted in the Air Force to help afford my endeavours. I was not able to fly as a pilot in the Air Force as my beloved Uncle did, however I persisted for many years in aviation and eventually moved to Australia. 


My career was everything to me but it is was far from easy. It suffered the lows of September 11, 2001, Global Financial Crisis, and recently Covid restrictions. A female in aviation is a difficult career path and I suffered many discriminations and hurdles. 


Nevertheless I never gave up and eventually got my dream job. Now I endeavour to give back by helping young ladies in their pursuits in aviation. 


The picture below is a necklace made by Doveggs Jewelry to remind me of my Uncle Gene as he was my guiding light and compass. His drive and passion in flying guided me on my path towards my dream. I wear this pendant to remind me of where I came from and where I am going.

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