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General Question 
  • Is there any yellowish or bluish in your moissanite?

No, DovEggs will only use best stones among color ranges, and we will not use any moissanite lower than G, there will not be an obvious yellowish or bluish no matter you order a GHI or a DEF.

For custom order or current design in solid k gold/ platinum order, we hand-picked every stone to make sure it is the highest in color range ( D in DEF, F-G in GHI) unless specifically requested at another color level.

Silver collection pieces are through mass production, the stone level can vary from D-G, some old inventories may subject to a H color degree.

  • I placed an order on your website, How long will it take to receive it?

We made to orders, K gold/platinum orders will expect a 7-10 business days processing time for making the jewelry. We will send finished pictures to review before shipping your fine jewelry, shipping takes 3-5 business days to arrive. 

We communicate with you via email throughout the procedure, and we make minor changes to current designs with no cost( change 4 prong setting to 6 prong setting, single prong setting-double prong setting, one tone setting to two tone setting). Please note that minor changes may be subject to CAD drawing to confirm the design and will add up to 3 business days more upon total processing time. 
Feel free to reach out by email (, phone( 425-207-7431, 10-5PM, PST ), social media ( Facebook and instagram ( if you want any changes to your order ( within 1 business day after order) or you have any questions upon your order. 

  • Apprasials?

We do not provide personal appraisal or authenticity, we only work with worldwide known authenticity( NAGL)  on appraisal. Appraisals are upon request. If you want an appraisal with your order, please contact us to request when ordering; if you need an appraisal after owning the jewelry, please send a request to, it may be subject to an extra $100 for appraisal service. 

  • How is your quality compare with different brands?

It is unethical for us to compare us with different brands, however, we stand behind our brand always based on what we provide and our customer service, 83% of our customers became loyal customers from historic datas. Our loyal customers are all moissy lovers and very familiar with the quality of DovEggs and different vendors, we have an inner group ( DovEggs moissanite group” ) on Facebook which you will find honest reviews, comparisons and anything about moissy and DovEggs! We are very lucky to have many wonderful customers support us and they have been really helpful with new customers' questions as well! 

  • How do you keep your price lower than most of the Moissanite sellers?

We do not have resellers talking profit, and we only sell directly to our customers, we avoid any unnecessary marketing cost and only focus on quality. That is how we keep DovEggs in luxury quality level meanwhile affordable to all women.  

  • How do you guarantee your quality? 

We have a very strict quality inspection system from picking stones, making, to final inspection. The 3-time quality inspection procedure we are following throughout the procedure is applied to all custom and k gold/ platinum orders. We will not ship out the jewelry without passing our quality inspections.



  • What is CAD?

CAD is the 3D image of your jewelry with all measurements to show the look of the jewelry before making. You will be able to adjust the CAD as much as you want until your satisfaction, big changes in CAD may be subject to a price difference. Please note multiple changes in CAD will extend the total turnover time for custom.


  • How custom works?
Go to our ‘Design Your own ‘ page( ) and submit a quote or CAD request; upload your design with the front picture, the side pic, and the bottom pic of the jewelry. Upload the facts of your jewelry( Color of stone( GHI, DEF), Metal of setting, Ring size) using PNG, JAP( screenshot), PDF, WORD file. We will get back to you via email ( within 24hrs after receiving your quote request. 
Reply back from the quote to get your custom payment link to order when you are ready to proceed.
(Above procedure can also be done with our social media representatives, simply go to our social media page and send a DM, they will help you in an easier and faster way

CAD will be sent to you via email within 72 hrs after order is placed. We will start making your jewelry once CAD confirmed by you, it takes 7-10 business days for making your jewelry. We will send finished jewelry detailed pictures to review before shipping out. Shipping takes 3-5 business days to arrive. 


If a CAD order is placed, we will deduct the CAD cost upon the full cost once you decide to proceed with the custom. 



  • Return?

We provide 30 days no hassle return with prepaid shipping label to our return center in New York, NY or Miami, FL,  Please reach out for a return request. 

There will be a 15% restocking fee for engraved pieces. 

  • Cancellation?

DovEggs accept cancellation before making the ring. Cancellation after making start will be charged a 10% cancellation fee



We provide resize, re-plating, re-tipping & more services in our service center located in Renton, Washington state. Service can take up to 7 business days to finish( some complicated work may can be longer). All services are up to $50 including prepaid shipping. Any service within 30 days after recieving is free. 


Services we provide:


  • Warranty?

We cover our work fully and always for any defections, and we provide limited lifetime warranty for our moissanite and lab grown diamonds for situations like falling stones due to normal wear and tear, optical properties of the moissanite stone and lab diamond including brilliance and fire, and the physical integrity of the moissanite stone. We do not cover: damage or defects as a result of or related to accidents, abuse, misuse, loss, or theft of jewelry pieces.