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We have heard time and time again that many people consider moissanite as a diamond “substitute,” and that they care about how others think about their appearance, what they wear, and if what they’re wearing is “real.” Well, we here at DovEggs want to assure EVERYONE that wearing moissanite represents having confidence in your own look, and that true beauty comes from within.

Therefore, we asked members of our inner Facebook group, DovEggs Moissanite Group, to share their stories. We asked: what does wearing moissanite mean to you? How does it make you feel? Why would you choose DovEggs to spoil yourself and represent your inner beauty?

Two of the stories we submitted captured our hearts and the hearts of other members. We would like to share them with you below.

Story 1:

"I met my husband 5 years ago through a dating app. He already went through two relationships, one of them the woman left him a month before their wedding. He completely lost faith in finding love, but decided to go on a dating app for fun. I, on the other hand, was too focused on my professional development. Through strong pushes from friends, I decided to go on that same dating app. Even though we lived in the same area (literally the same zip code) and functioned in similar circles, we did not meet until the first date set up through that app. He and I became serious, and through the years that we have been together, we have fostered a beautiful love where it is filled with sacrifices and care for one another.

We talked about marriage, and he wanted to follow the tradition of picking the ring himself (of course with some ideas given by me). Even though the ring did not exactly fit my vision, it is the most valuable piece of jewelry to me because it symbolizes our love. We joyfully added more tasks into our busy lives by picking a venue by the beach, DIYing invitations, sampling food, dress shopping etc. - basically the whole shebang associated with planning a dream wedding!


Well... three months before the wedding, the whole world shut down because of COVID. I was simply devastated... We received blessing from both sides of the family and completed the marriage paperwork, but I still mourned a wedding that would not happen in the most perfect moment in my life. I kept looking at my engagement ring, and now was adorned by a plain wedding band, to remind me that life was good as long as we were together.

Then the best news occurred: We were expecting a baby girl! My pregnancy was complicated, but the baby was healthy and filled with energy and life. However, my ring set no longer fit. I experienced postpartum depression, so I felt sad and ugly all the time with my new figure even though my husband was the most supportive.

I did not bother resizing my rings after my baby came. The rings collected dust for almost a year until one day I opened my jewelry box again. All of the sudden, all memories of us and our beautiful baby girl as a result of our strong relationship reflected in those rings that I saw. I wanted to look nice and wear jewelry again.

Although I valued those rings gifted by my husband, I decided to pick another ring as a present to uplift my spirit, but I did not want it to cost a hefty sum since we are starting a family. At first, I was seeking something that looked like a diamond without the price tag because I didn't want people to call me "fake pieces from Doveggs, I felt in love with how beautiful and special the moissanite stone is, especially with its marvelous history coming from outer space. More importantly, I love how confident and elegant I feel when I wear these stunning rings.

In addition, I joined the Doveggs Facebook community where everyone uplifts one another on jewelry choices and personal stories. It was a much needed space to feel accepted and worry about nothing but dazzling jewelry. Sure, I resized my original diamond ring set and wear them on special occasions, but now I can start expressing myself with affordable, but exquisite, custom pieces using from Doveggs for my daily life.

To me, wearing moissanite enhances my outer beauty, but also reminds me of unexpected difficulties that I have overcome in the past few years to become a wife and a mother. I feel stronger and beautiful every day as I get dressed and choose a ring. I am indecisive when selecting the moissanite "cut" of the day lol, and I am happy to continue experiencing this problem as my inner beauty can be expressed and strengthened by moissanite jewelry from Doveggs . I can't help but stay sparkly from here on!"


Story 2:

"As a child, I considered jewelry to be the ultimate gift; receiving jewelry from someone meant that they admired you, valued you, and thought you were beautiful. My mom was considered to be a great beauty, and over the years accumulated many pieces of jewelry from suitors, heirloom pieces from her parents, and lavish items from her husbands;

I assumed that this meant that these people all adored and valued her, and that she had been "chosen". I played with her jewelry, occasionally got to borrow a piece or two, and hoped that someday, someone would consider me worthy of such gifts.

The first time I received a piece of jewelry from a boyfriend, it was not at all my style, and I didn't especially enjoy looking at it or wearing it, but I was happy because I thought it meant that he valued me and thought I was beautiful. With my first husband, I would show him pieces that I loved for holidays and birthdays - I gravitated towards a lot of sparkle, detail, and either bright-white stones or deep colors - but he gave me what HE felt looked good on me; pieces that were HIS taste and not mine. Still, I was grateful that he felt I was worthy of jewelry at all.

My divorce marked a transformation for me in many ways, but to sum it up, I had decided ! was worth more. I decided that I my well being and happiness mattered. I decided that what I wanted, what I liked and didn't like, was valid and legitimate. I finally saw that my value wasn't determined by what someone else thought to be good. I decided that I was beautiful in every way that counts to me and to the people who truly care about me. And, as small of a thing as this may seem, I decided that I don't need someone else to admire me or think I'm beautiful and worthy for me to have jewelry that makes me happy, that is my own definition of beauty and not somebody else's.

Now, 3 years later, the man who I am engaged to marry shows me in a thousand ways that he loves and values me, including wanting me to have the kinds of things that make ME happy, without questioning, and without having to wait for an occasion for him to buy me a piece of jewelry.

When I discovered moissanite - and DovEggs in particular - I saw exactly what I considered to be beautiful and had always wished somebody would get for me. The mesmerizing sparkle that is unlike any other stone I had ever seen, the variety of styles that expressed uniqueness and creativity, all at a price that made it possible for me to "play" and choose multiple pieces so I can start every day with the delicious decision of what piece(s) to wear.

I stare at my rings on my fingers when I am feeling anxious, and the sparkle distracts and calms me. And, at those moments of feeling down on myself, I can look at a piece I'm wearing to remind myself that I am a beautiful person who is worthy of beauty in my life - beauty as I myself define it."



Just as these story authors were able to define their own beauty with Moissanite, we here at DovEggs want to help you do the same. Let us help you tell your story through a precious piece that will last the ages. You can choose a treasure from the hundreds of styles that we offer on our website, or even custom make your own. We would be happy to help your beauty shine.