Customer story (Shannon C.) – DovEggs-Seattle
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“Hi, my name is Shannon, and I am a Doveggs addict!  


I recently got engaged on 02.22.2022! I have been obsessed with Doveggs for about three years now. My fiancé asked me over and over what ring I would like, and I told him anything Doveggs! I sent him a ton of rings from Doveggs but kept coming back to one.  


I fell hopelessly in love with the Doveggs cushion halo moissanite bridal set. I knew it was the one because I kept coming back to it for TWO years.  


In the wee hours of 02.22.2022, after tossing and turning all night, my fiancé grabbed my hand, slipped my beautiful 2ct elongated cushion halo on my finger, and asked, “are you gonna marry me or what?” 

With a sleepy smile and a skip of my heart, I said yes!"


I have loved this man since I was 15 (I am now 29). This ring represents so much more to me than a marriage. It represents the foundation we have built over time and what an incredible future we have yet to experience. Doveggs boxed all of that into a STUNNING ring! I can’t wait to say, “I do” and add the double bands. This is the ring I will wear for the rest of my life, and I tell every single person who complements it where it came from.  


I am thrilled to spend forever with my fiancé and to be a forever customer with Doveggs! 


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