Customer story (Katrina P.) – DovEggs-Seattle
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“Hi my name is Katrina and I am here to tell you about a ring that Doveggs created for me that is very special to me!


The ring I have chosen is the cancer ribbon ring. The original design is an oval but I love the diversity of Doveggs products, that I had another one made with a different stone cut. 


This ring is special to me because it is a ring I designed by entering a contest Doveggs posted on their Facebook group page. I never thought I would win something but my creative skills allowed me to do so and that is what makes it even more special to me.

My design has been made available for others to purchase in the, “buy and donate”section. A portion of the proceeds go to the American cancer society, another reason to feel special about my ring. 


I am excited to be a part of a group that allows people to be creative in hopes of other fellow Doveggs fans to enjoy. 

I have always liked to draw but was nervous to enter a contest of this caliber. As I thought about entering I soon began to hear my moms voice in my head, “you really could have worked for Disney you know!” Knowing that she thought that highly of my artistic skills, I put the pencil to paper and submitted my three designs. 


A few days had gone by, and I again found myself scrolling through Doveggs Facebook page. I read that one of the designs I submitted was chosen by the DE design team. 

I am very thankful for the opportunity that Doveggs had given me. 

They allowed me to create, submit, and bring my design to life. 

Whenever i wear my ring it makes me really proud, because it is something I created. When people ask about my ring, I end up telling the story just like I am telling here. My ring is quite the conversation."

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