DovEggs Box Recycling Plan – DovEggs-Seattle
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Box Recycle Incentive
DovEggs’ customers who do not wish to keep or throw away their DovEggs jewelry boxes can now return them to us for a small amount of store credit compensation. We will reuse all boxes that are in good condition. We hope that by reusing the boxes we will reduce the amount of trash that is in the landfills on our planet. 
The compensation amount is as follows:
1 Deep Blue Box = $0.50 store credit 
1 White Box = $0.25
$10 is the maximum amount of store credit that can be received per time.( Note: Store credit are same as cash, can be used unlimited times per transaction)
DovEggs will not pay for shipping fees. When returning the packages, please put a piece of paper with your email ( for the store credit) and the order number inside of each box. 
Boxes must be in good condition in order to count for store credit.
Receiver address: 
DovEggs Inc
707 S Grady Way, suite 600
Renton, WA, 98057