Define Your Own Beauty (by Olga) – DovEggs-Seattle
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"As a child, I considered jewelry to be the ultimate gift; receiving jewelry from someone meant that they admired you, valued you, and thought you were beautiful. My mom was considered to be a great beauty, and over the years accumulated many pieces of jewelry from suitors, heirloom pieces from her parents, and lavish items from her husbands;

I assumed that this meant that these people all adored and valued her, and that she had been "chosen". I played with her jewelry, occasionally got to borrow a piece or two, and hoped that someday, someone would consider me worthy of such gifts.

The first time I received a piece of jewelry from a boyfriend, it was not at all my style, and I didn't especially enjoy looking at it or wearing it, but I was happy because I thought it meant that he valued me and thought I was beautiful. With my first husband, I would show him pieces that I loved for holidays and birthdays - I gravitated towards a lot of sparkle, detail, and either bright-white stones or deep colors - but he gave me what HE felt looked good on me; pieces that were HIS taste and not mine. Still, I was grateful that he felt I was worthy of jewelry at all.

My divorce marked a transformation for me in many ways, but to sum it up, I had decided ! was worth more. I decided that I my well being and happiness mattered. I decided that what I wanted, what I liked and didn't like, was valid and legitimate. I finally saw that my value wasn't determined by what someone else thought to be good. I decided that I was beautiful in every way that counts to me and to the people who truly care about me. And, as small of a thing as this may seem, I decided that I don't need someone else to admire me or think I'm beautiful and worthy for me to have jewelry that makes me happy, that is my own definition of beauty and not somebody else's.

Now, 3 years later, the man who I am engaged to marry shows me in a thousand ways that he loves and values me, including wanting me to have the kinds of things that make ME happy, without questioning, and without having to wait for an occasion for him to buy me a piece of jewelry.

When I discovered moissanite - and DovEggs in particular - I saw exactly what I considered to be beautiful and had always wished somebody would get for me. The mesmerizing sparkle that is unlike any other stone I had ever seen, the variety of styles that expressed uniqueness and creativity, all at a price that made it possible for me to "play" and choose multiple pieces so I can start every day with the delicious decision of what piece(s) to wear.

I stare at my rings on my fingers when I am feeling anxious, and the sparkle distracts and calms me. And, at those moments of feeling down on myself, I can look at a piece I'm wearing to remind myself that I am a beautiful person who is worthy of beauty in my life - beauty as I myself define it."