DovEggs featured cut introduction – DovEggs-Seattle
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Astro Cut™ was developed by DovEggs, is a series which features the most diamond-like appearance, based on customer feedback



Crown Arrow cut™ is a series which features the most brilliant moissanite. The Crown Arrow cut™ is also H&A(brilliant cut), but is top 10% cut range of their H&A stones.


The Nova cut was developed by DovEggs, combines 3 different cuts, and is meant to best showcase moissanite's unique sparkle.


The Criss cut is a fancy cut that features unique facets, enhancing the brilliance and sparkle of the moissanite stone.



The Elizabeth Taylor Krupp cut was developed by Elizabeth Taylor in the 1980s. It combines elements of the old mine cut and step cut, resulting in a distinctive and elegant diamond shape.