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You are just starting your life together and you do not know the first thing about buying a mossanite ring your chosen stone.  You had enough information to decide to buy a moissanite ring instead if a diamond ring. If you are operating on a budget then you have chosen the right option. But there is more to this decision then just picking a moissanite stone and this article will explore some of those reasons.

The customer has to have adequate knowledge about a moissanite ring to be able to make the right decision when purchasing the ring. Armed with this knowledge you will ready to make an intelligent decision about which moissanite ring to buy.


Why Buy Moissanite over a Diamond

If a consumer is struggling whether to buy a diamond or a moissanite ring there are some ethical issues to consider about buying diamond rings. For instance, there is what is known as “blood diamonds” these are diamonds mined in war zones. The diamonds are mined while fighting is going on in these war zones around the world. The miners could be killed in the crossfire and the wars being fought in these zones may be immoral.

These diamonds are then sold and the revenues are used to support war lord’s activities in carrying war crimes and crimes against humanity. Some of these warlords may be committing murder against their own people? Do you want to fund diamonds coming from these sources?

There was a process known as the “Kimberly Process” which was formed to report illicit diamond mining in trouble spots around the world to the United Nations. This is how corrupt these mining practices have become around the world. Unfortunately, the “Kimberly process” has fell into disarray in recent years and they are not as reliable as they once were.

Another issue is how do you know if diamonds are really mined conflict free? You don’t know because these sources could be lying to you. You have to take their word for it.

Conversely, moissanite rings are clearly made in controlled laboratories in the United States by Charles and Colvard (they lost their exclusive patent in 2015) and other producers and that is a verifiable fact. No conflict issues in producing moissanite rings.

Note that there are also areas of the world where diamonds are being mined that are supposedly harming the environment so this may be an ecological issue to consider in choosing diamonds over moissanite. Again, moissanite are produced inside controlled laboratories that will not harm the environment.


Generally, moissanite is priced lower than diamonds will be. But do not think because of this that moissanite rings are of a cheaper quality than diamond rings. Dollar for dollar it seems reasonable that the dollar to dollar value is better for moissanite than diamonds. Why?

Moissanite rings are almost as hard as diamonds on the Mohs scale. Moissanite will reflect a wider color spectrum than diamonds will. If you put a diamond next to a moissanite the moissanite will reflect a sharper brilliance than the diamond will. The difference is noticeable. Remember, moissanite rings are cheaper than diamond rings.

The basic reason that diamonds are priced higher on the market than moissanite is because the demand for diamonds are higher than the demands for moissanite but the demand for moissanite is increasing.

It really is up to the person buying the moissanite or diamond ring as to how much they will pay for either one. It really is up to the consumer because how much money do they have to spend. The consumer’s perceptron of the value of a diamond compared to moissanite will determine how much a consumer is willing to pay the higher price for the diamond or not.  

After Sale Service

As far as after sale service goes it depends on the reputation of the seller and what type of services and guarantees they will offer to a consumer after buying a diamond or moissanite. Take Dove Eggs for instance, they are the first diamond company to offer twelve years of free maintenance on moissanite to clean and do minor repairs to be sure the stones stay in the settings. Twelve years of free maintenance you cannot beat that after sales customer service.

Make no mistake about it they also offer a 30-day hassle free return policy. They will take your purchase customized or other back within 30 days of the original purchase. They also offer a free resize 30-day guarantee as well.



A couple of customers who had bought moissanite from Dove Eggs said the moissanite products were pretty good and for the money they have held up well. The prices are competitive and reasonable compared to other dealers.

Potential for Moissanite Rings

Back in 2015, Charles and Colvard’s exclusive patent to sell moissanite expired. The result has been competitors springing up around the world. This will translate to the supply and demand of moissanite rings increasing and the quality will go up and the prices will decrease. This will make moissanite very attractive in the market. One expert predicted back in 2016, the industry would grow to 100 million dollars.

Comparing the different Gems

Overall, moissanite is better than cubic zirconia diamonds and sapphires. Moissanite is better than cz and sapphires because it is rated higher on the Mohs scale than the other gems are. This means it is harder than the other two and much more durable. It will last much longer than the other two. The other two are softer and more vulnerable to chips and scratches than moissanite. The other two require special care.

Moissanite is almost as strong as a diamond and it is almost as hard as a diamond. Its brilliance and color reflection are more noticeable than a diamond. It is a fine alternative to a diamond and it costs much less than a diamond will. A diamond will reflect a white light where moissanite


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