Customer spoil yourself story (Jennifer G.) – DovEggs-Seattle
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I have decided to add in my entry, not for a prize or recognition, but to advocate and support the products that you have graced so many of us customers with!

I stumbled onto your group a couple of years ago, at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. When all had changed, and lives were being turned upside down. It was so refreshing for me to finally see some posts where people were enjoying something, and sharing, even in the midst of so much going on in the world. Something that made people happy. That, being your beautiful jewelry! I had never heard of moissanite until then, but I fell in love with all of the pictures that were posted.

I questioned the quality in person to be quite honest, though, and I debated for so long on purchasing something that was so foreign to me, and not being sure of the wear and durability of the products.

I am a mother of ten children. My hard earned money always goes to them and my family, and it’s always a really hard decision to purchase something nice and costly for myself. Something that is so beautiful and is reminiscent of a Diamond just seemed like a big leap for me, at least.

But, you guys at DovEggs are incredibly affordable, and I said why not?  So, one day I finally made the jump. I bought my first ever moissy! A pear with a double halo and a band to match. Let me tell you, when that box arrived and I opened it I was amazed at what I found inside!!

First off, pictures don’t do justice! My ring was more beautiful and sparkly in person, and I was in a daze just staring at it! I seriously could not stop looking at it. It was hard to believe that this was not a $25,000 ring on my finger! I was so excited that I took tons of photos and couldn’t help sharing my new ring on social media. The quality, styles, and variations of your work at DovEggs are definitely pieces of art that can make any customer feels like a million bucks! I will say this, Diamond who???

I will never buy or wear diamonds from here on. The fact that Doveggs rings are beautiful, AND, ethically and morally made are reason enough for any person to choose moissanite! They say, “Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend”….but they never owned a moissy!!



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