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Ever since I was a little girl I have always admired rings on others and would tell someone how pretty I thought theirs was, especially the ones I would see on my mom. I used to love the way she would move her hand around the steering wheel making her rings make the inside of the car sparkle.

 I would fantasize about how my wedding ring would look on me one day. I was drawn to beautiful rings, when I would meet someone new I would find myself glancing down to see what kind of ring they had on. 

There has been many beautiful and unique rings over the years I’ve seen and yet I still didn’t know what I wanted for when my day came. I knew I didn’t want a diamond because the cliché and the blood that covers them.

 One day while I was searching all over Google I stumbled upon a site that mentioned Moissanite and the story behind it, I was sold right then (I have a minor obsession with anything space related) at the time C&C was the only company and that was far out of my price range. So I tucked that in the back of my mind in hopes one day I may be proposed to and ability to afford a Moissanite. 

Ten years later I meet my now husband, we discussed marriage and all that and I began my search for my perfect ring. Google gave me so many links for Moissanite and I got overwhelmed. I accidentally stumbled upon Doveggs while I was on Amazon and loved the few pieces I saw on there. It wasn’t until a year later he proposed with a cheap CZ and promised to give me my dream ring in the future (money is very tight) I got on Facebook March 2022 and found the Doveggs group page and rehome group page and became obsessed. I check them soon as I wake up and many times thru the day just praying I will find “The One”, I’ve got a couple pieces and love them but they are not “The One”. I know which one it is now and we plan to get it this weekend. 

The first time I put a Doveggs Moissanite on I felt beautiful and honored to be wearing such a piece of art on my finger, it means I’ve succeeded and accomplished my goals. It makes me feel nostalgic and feel love most of all. I choose Doveggs to spoil myself for overcoming my heroin addiction and celebrating my 10 years. I am worthy of beautiful pieces and have worked very hard to get to where I am today. My inner beauty I hope shines through the piece I plan on ordering this weekend and the moment I slide that Moissanite on my finger my inner beauty will finally shine through on the outside. 

Thank you Doveggs for the family like group you’ve created on Facebook for it’s what really drew me in more and has kept me around. 

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