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Customize Your Own & Get A Free Quote (We will text & email you your quote in 24hrs, You can also Text 425-DovEggs to get a quote directly)

Steps for getting a free quote

1.Upload a Microsoft Word file containing a picture (jpg, png) of your design and the details/ facts of the piece of jewelry desired (examples of details include: the size & color ( DEF OR GHI) of the stone, the type of metal for the setting, and any other information you feel pertinent); 
    refresh the page if "upload option " not appear
2.Add your design to your cart and click Checkout. Your total for the quote should be $0.Please make sure that the email address you provide is correct upon checkout;
3.Once you have submitted your customization quote request, our customization team will get back to you with a quote via the email you provided or via text within 24 hours. Would you prefer an even quicker quote? Simply call us at (425)207-7431 between the hours of 10AM - 5PM, Monday - Friday, PST.
Steps of Customization
1. DovEggs creates and sends the customer a CAD image within 3 business days via custom follow up dashboard( how to login in) , The customer must then confirm that the CAD image is to their liking, or request any adjustments.  If there is a size change, please email or inform us via dashboard, we are able to adjust the size before shipping.
2. DovEggs creates and processes the jewelry (this usually takes 7-10 business days).
3. DovEggs sends pictures of the finished jewelry for the customer's final approval via email;
4 DovEggs ships the jewelry (shipping usually takes 3 - 5 business days),
5. The jewelry is received by the customer.
6. Please note that DovEggs will proceed the next step automatically if no reply on CAD or final pictures within 2 business days.
Avoiding Copyright Infringement Notice for Custom Designs:

If your custom design is inspired by a copyright protected design, we suggest (not mandatory) that you change at least 3 obvious details in your custom design so that it varies from the original copyrighted design. DovEggs won't be held responsible for any copyright infringement risks for custom designs.