About DovEggs – DovEggs-Seattle
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Our Brand’s Origin: 

In Asian culture, “dove eggs”are a metaphor for big, bright gems. The dove symbolizes love ,prosperity, and peace. Our founder, Mr. Ni believes in the principles of Inamori Kazuo, and Jack Welch. He believes that we must never lose the feeling of gratitude for what we own, and remember that success is all about growing others. Since our brand’s beginning, we have been determined to be truly conscientious of our customers. From our factory to our customers, we will not be bound by the pricing of the jewelry industry.


Our Brand’s Story: 


DovEggs is a brand that grows with our customers. We have attracted a large following of loyal and lovely customers, due to our top quality products and superb after-sales service. This group of satisfied, loyal followers is constantly growing. Our customers often enrich our line of product designs with their own designs, and even partner with us to create new designs together.


Our customers hold us accountable and support us, and therefore, we strive to always give back to our customers the quality and service that’s beyond their expectations. DovEggs is committed to working with our customers to build a conscientious brand that belongs to and makes our customers proud.