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In 2019, I was going through a hard time. My boyfriend of 10 years was very sick and we were having severe difficulties in our relationship. After a difficult conversation about the future, he expressed to me that, regardless of what we had talked about previously, he never wanted to marry me. The news devastated me, as I had wanted to get married for years. I wanted to leave as it wasn’t a healthy relationship, but I felt I needed to be there for him as he was terminally ill, so I stayed by his side. Because I was his full-time caregiver, I also didn’t have much money, and barely any jewelry. I had admired my friends’ diamond engagement rings, which always stung a bit knowing that my boyfriend would never give me one.


One evening, while sitting alone, I decided to take a small amount of money that I had sitting aside for a special occasion and spend it on an engagement ring for myself. I wanted to symbolize prioritizing myself, loving myself, and giving back to myself. I wanted a piece of jewelry that represented the beauty of being independent and being whole as a person, regardless of my relationship. That I was enough, no matter what or who I was with.

I had seen moissanite years ago in a department store, and immediately went looking for an affordable piece. I came across Doveggs, and once I saw the reviews, I made my first purchase. It was a 2 ct grey tinted moissanite in sterling silver.


When the package arrived, I happened to be sitting outside. I opened the box and was awestruck by the beauty of the ring. I couldn’t believe that something that sparkled and shined so brilliantly was so affordable, and mine! I put it on my finger and immediately fell in love. It was the perfect amount of depth and color, and when my boyfriend at the time saw it – he immediately asked where I had gotten it from, as he couldn’t believe I could afford something like it. I didn’t divulge, but it wasn’t soon after I purchased another ring, and began my collection. I have worn a Doveggs ring on at least one of my fingers every day ever since.

That ring was my first purchase of many now. I have 16 Doveggs rings (technically 18 if you count 2 bands) and plan on continuing my collection for years to come. I have moved on, and am now engaged to a wonderful person who loves me deeply – who also now happens to buy me Doveggs jewelry, as he knows what it means to me.


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