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The beauty of jewelry is of course very important, but if it does not suit you or does not match your size, it may not be very good to wear on your hand. For example, if the size of the moissanite diamond ring becomes larger after wearing it for a period of time, it will easily fall off when worn on the finger.If the size of the moissanite diamond ring is small, it may not be able to be taken off when worn on the finger. So, can the size of the moissanite diamond ring be adjusted after wearing it, and what if it is not suitable?

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The moissanite diamond rings on the market are not made of moissanite diamonds in one piece. They are basically metal-inlaid moissanite diamonds. Noble metals such as k gold, platinum and palladium have a certain degree of ductility and can be changed in size.


If your moissanite diamond ring has just been bought and it supports the return and exchange service, just like Doveggs supports 30 days unreasonable return and exchange, you only need to exchange the unsuitable moissanite diamond ring during the return period.

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