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(The moissanite mentioned below refers to the synthetic moissanite)

1,Color and clarity grade

According to the grading standards proposed by GIA(American Gemological Institute), the color grading standards for diamonds and moss stones are white to yellow, with a total of 32 levels, represented by the English letters from D to Z. The color of D-F grade gems is pure, transparent and colorless. Clarity level from 1 to 6, divided into 6 levels:

Clarity level 1:

FL means that the gem is clean under a magnifying glass of 10 times, that is, no inclusions are seen inside or outside.

Clarity level 2:

IF means that there is no defect inside the gem under a magnifying glass of 10 times, but the appearance may be a little flaw, and it can be removed by re-polishing.

Clarity level 3:

VVS means that when you look at the gem under a magnifying glass of 10 times the gem, you can see that the pavilion or the appearance has minimal flaws. The difference between VVS1 and VVS2 is that the latter has very tiny cotton-like spots and small stubble, etc.

Clarity level 4:

VS refers to very small flaws when looking at the gem under a 10x magnifying glass. The difference between VS1 and VS2 is that the latter may have tiny cotton-like spots or small stubble.

Clarity level 5:

SI means that it is easy to see flaws when looking at the gem under a 10x magnifying glass, but it is invisible to the naked eye.

Clarity level 6:

I1, I2, I3 means that when you look at the gem under a magnifying glass of 10 times, it is easy to see small flaws, and there are obvious cleavages and cracks in some cases.


Diamonds are the hardest gemstones in nature, with a Mohs hardness set to 10, moissanite diamonds are second to diamonds, and Mohs hardness is 9.25. Therefore, from this property, if you find an ore with a hardness between 9.25-10 for identification, such as a boron nitride material with a hardness of 9.6, the two will be lightly scratched. At this time, because the hardness of the diamond is greater than the original ore, there will be no scratches , and moissanite will. But the hardness of moissanite is hard enough, they can exist forever like diamonds.

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3,Brilliance and refractive index

The diamond is expensive because of its unique and attractive fire color. The fire color is cold light, and the dispersion index (fire color) is 0.044. The charm of moissanite is that it is higher than the diamond's color index. The fire color is as high as 0.104, which is warm light . In different environments, the fire flashes are higher than diamonds and appear in seven colors. In terms of refractive index (RI), moissanite is 2.65-2.69, which is a birefringence gemstone, and diamond is 2.42, which is a single refraction gemstone. In other words, moissanite is more shiny than diamond. 


Use a 10x magnifying glass to see the inner body of diamond and moissanite, generally speaking, the internal components of natural diamonds are not so complicated and there are no inclusions, and the common inclusions of moissanite are white thread-like.


Among the natural diamonds, only blue and gray-blue type IIB diamonds are conductive, and other common white and light yellow diamonds are not conductive. However, according to the GIA report, 80% of moissanite is a conductor. 

6,Polished texture

Moisanite's waist polishing patterns are parallel to each other, which is completely different from diamonds. Moreover, due to the difference in different directions, the polishing direction must be adjusted continuously during the diamond polishing process, and moissanite can be polished in the same direction. This is especially clear between adjacent facets.


Although the weight of moissanite diamonds is also measured in carats, but with reference to the relevant data, the volume of moissanite of the same weight will be 10% larger than that of diamonds.

When using the specific gravity liquid to distinguish the two, when the two volumes are the same, the diamond is heavier than moissanite, and the specific gravity of moissanite stone is 3.2, the specific gravity of diamonds is about 3.5. Put them in the specific gravity liquid, floating up to moissanite and sinking down to diamonds. what does this mean? This means that the density of moissanite is basically lower than that of natural diamond.


In fact, it can be clearly judged from the price that the price of natural diamonds is very expensive, all in ten thousand units. Compared with the price of natural diamonds, moissanite has an absolute advantage. People can buy very large moissanite stones with less money. The following data we collected can be used for your reference:




Some people will say that moissanite is not as profound as diamonds, as there is no eternal representative like diamonds, and there is no symbol of unrelenting love. But here the author believes that different jewelry has different meanings. Moissanite stone has the most brilliant light , which means the prosperity of the career, family harmony and the success of love. Although the diamond is good, but the price is expensive not everyone can buy it. Engagement rings for moissanite and natural diamonds have an emotional value, not an investment value for assets. Low-cost wedding rings are moissanite rings. As a new generation of diamond substitutes, as long as you keep up it properly, don't worry about it will lose its luster. In addition, in the current market, moissanite stone jewelry will have long-term development.

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