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As a special material, moissanite diamonds have always been considered to have the same appearance and internal crystallization as diamonds, but moissanite diamonds must not be called imitation diamonds. Moissanite diamonds have their own unique charms, so many fashionistas and consumers like moissanite engagement rings, and most jewelers are more inclined to sell them. Today we will take a look at what kind of moissanite rings are suitable for different hand types!


Thin hand

The most common and popular round cut moissanite engagement ring can help to show its solidity. If it is equipped with some accents next to the center stone, it can make the fingers in varied colourful splendour after wearing on the hand.


Stubby hand

The simple and slender solitaire moissanite engagement ring can visually show the slenderness of the fingers, which makes it more beautiful.



Petite hands

Moissanite diamond should not be too large. Now the popular solitaire moissanite engagement ring is the best choice. It is simple, elegant and beautiful.


Thick and big hands

The rugged wide moissanite ring seems to be designed specifically for this type of hand. The large oval moissanite ring uses its gemstone length to highlight the thin length of a woman’s finger, making it elegant and bright and dazzling.


Slender hand

Any style and cutting of moissanite ring can be perfectly matched with it. If it is a ring with a wider band, a large moissanite will make the fingers look full and beautiful. If a ring with a thin band has a single moissanite diamond, it can make the finger look very elegant and delicate.


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