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How valuable is moissanite if it is chosen as a life-changing engagement ring? Extremely valuable if a couple opts to buy it over let’s say a diamond engagement ring. Here are some important facts:

Reasons to purchase a Moissanite Engagement Ring

Today more and more couples are choosing moissanite engagement rings and they are becoming popular in today’s market. There are good reasons for this explosive trend. Moissanite engagement rings are their own gemstones making them valuable and attractive to purchase.

This means that the moissanite engagement ring will be very durable as it is the second hardest substance rated 9.25 right behind diamonds the number one rated substance at 10.0 So, it is very durable and resilient to being dropped. It is such a durable gemstone that it is very hard to break or chip even if it is dropped repeatedly. Obviously, an individual wants to be careful with such a valuable investment.

It even sparkles brighter than a diamond engagement ring when compared side-by-side. The difference in sparkling power of the two is eye-popping. The moissanite engagement ring will sparkle like fire with beautiful brilliance. Within the ring itself, there can be a myriad of colors reflected in proper light.


Another major selling point of the moissanite engagement ring is it is much easier to purchase for young couples who are just starting out on life’s journey. How one may ask? They are less expensive to buy than other comparable gemstone engagement rings.


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Think about this important distinction between a moissanite engagement ring and a diamond engagement ring. A diamond engagement ring is pure carbon whereas a moissanite engagement ring is carbon silicate. This may not seem like a very important difference at first glance. But keep in mind, it is a very real and practical difference making the maintenance of the moissanite engagement ring easier to maintain over a lifetime.

Moissanite being a carbon silicate is easier to remove dirt and oil from than a diamond would be. The moissanite engagement ring will not require extensive and expensive cleaning as a diamond engagement ring would. Consider that the moissanite engagement ring can be thousands of dollars cheaper than a diamond engagement ring. Yet, it is much easier to maintain and clean. Who wouldn’t choose a moissanite engagement ring and never regret it?

More good news concerning the moissanite substance. People wanted an affordable diamond alternative. Initially, moissanite came in yellowish-green. But people wanted a colorless stone. Gem scientists continued to experiment to produce the perfect colorless diamond alternative.

In 2015, the long awaited breakthrough came and colorless moissanite engagement rings became reality. They became the diamond engagement rings of choice and their popularity keeps growing. As more and more couples discover the benefits of purchasing moissanite engagement rings, their popularity has no end in sight. They are here to stay.

Conclusion: This body of information has given some solid reasons as to why couples are purchasing moissanite engagement rings and never regretting those wise decisions.

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