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Today more than ever young couples are turning to purchasing moissanite engagement ring sets over diamond engagement ring sets. There are many sound reasons for this trend that has become popular and seems to be growing as the days pass. You see moissanite is different but similar to diamonds in many ways and one big reason for young couples switching to moissanite engagement rings are because they are cheaper to purchase than diamond engagement rings. In some cases they can be thousands of dollars cheaper which makes a major difference for young couples just starting out. They may be on a limited budget. And every way they can save money is helpful.


Let the Craze Begin

One well-known jewelry company out of New York has witnessed a major upturn in the sales of engagement rings with a moissanite center piece over an engagement ring with a diamond center piece. The company says that the increase has been very surprising because in one year’s time it has increased dramatically.

The reason is because moissanite offers whit gem center pieces with many different cuts and designs but at a much lower cost than diamond engagement rings would cost. They have a lot of sparkle and people want engagement rings that sparkle a lot. The moissanite engagement ring sets are brilliant and will really sparkle to a customer’s highest satisfaction.

The rings also come in a lot of different sizes and styles giving potential customers a wide range of choices when selecting a moissanite engagement ring set. They will cost a lot less than diamond engagement ring sets but by no means are they or do they look like cheap diamond engagement clones. They have their own unique brilliance and beauty and every moissanite engagement ring has its own special look, cut and beauty. Like diamond engagement rings moissanite engagement rings will never look the same.

Price plays a big attraction for people to buy moissanite engagement rings. You better believe they will cost a fraction of a diamond engagement ring. The following are a few examples of the price difference:

  • Keeping the prices relative to the same size and quality or it would not be a fair comparison
  • One Karat Moissanite Engagement ring could cost $650.00 dollars relative to its quality. The same one karat diamond engagement ring could cost—GIA certified diamond--$5,000 dollars and up relative to quality of the diamond engagement ring.
  • Moving on to the next level a three karat oval moissanite engagement ring will cost $2400 dollars depending on quality and a three Karat oval diamond engagement ring could cost  $3297 dollars which is almost $1000 dollars less than the diamond oval engagement ring.

In fact, it can be clearly judged from the price that the price of natural diamonds is very expensive, all in ten thousand units. Compared with the price of natural diamonds, moissanite has an absolute advantage. People can buy very large moissanite stones with less money. The following data we collected can be used for your reference:


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    Moissanite Durability is Notable


    Moissanite rings are famous for their endurance and durability and on the Mohs scale--a scale of hardness used in classifying minerals. It runs from 1 to 10 using a series of reference minerals, and position on the scale depends on ability to scratch minerals rated lower—and it is rated almost as high as a diamond. The moissanite rates 9.25 on the scale with the diamond coming in at a 10.

    So, think about this that moissanite are almost as hard and durable as diamonds but they cost a lot less. Another advantage of a moissanite engagement ring it is almost as hard as the diamond engagement ring. It costs a lot less and they will last for years and they are hard to chip. Don’t intentionally drop one on the floor but if you do it will withstand the drop.

    It will not chip easily either so you can be assured that if you make a lifetime investment in a set of moissanite engagement rings you will have a durable yet reasonable investment for years to come. Truly, engagement rings are not purchases a young couple would by on a whim or the first set they laid their eyes on.

    They will consider a lot of things before they buy an engagement ring set because they will be investing a lot of money in that purchase. Also, this is the person they will be spending the rest of their life with. Naturally, they are going to want the very best engagement ring set they can buy. Moissanite engagement ring sets will always fill the bill.

    They are very tough natural recurring minerals that will stand up hardily to everyday use. This is another feature that makes them so appealing for customers to purchase. Buying a diamond engagement ring set could set a young couple back years to pay off. They may have to go on a payment plan to pay off the more expensive engagement ring sets.

    Do you want to take years to pay off an engagement ring set? You probably do not want to do this? Buy a moissanite engagement ring set and you will either pay it off in a few months or make a one-time payment and it is paid for the rest of your life.

    Sparkle Anyone

    The beauty of the moissanite engagement ring is that if you put it next to a diamond engagement ring it will reflect more color, fire and brilliance that the diamond engagement ring. It will actually reflect more colors as well.

    You would think that a diamond engagement would be more brilliant and flash a wider spectrum of colors than a moissanite engagement ring. It costs so much more—in some cases—than a moissanite engagement ring. So, wouldn’t you want to buy a more radiant engagement ring that costs less. The moissanite engagement ring may even look more valuable than a diamond engagement ring because it has a brighter brilliance than a diamond engagement ring. It will spit out more fire than the diamond engagement ring as well.

    Brilliance and refractive index

    The diamond is expensive because of its unique and attractive fire color. The fire color is cold light, and the dispersion index (fire color) is 0.044. The charm of moissanite is that it is higher than the diamond's color index. The fire color is as high as 0.104, which is warm light . In different environments, the fire flashes are higher than diamonds and appear in seven colors. In terms of refractive index (RI), moissanite is 2.65-2.69, which is a birefringence gemstone, and diamond is 2.42, which is a single refraction gemstone. In other words, moissanite is more shiny than diamond. 


    Use a 10x magnifying glass to see the inner body of diamond and moissanite, generally speaking, the internal components of natural diamonds are not so complicated and there are no inclusions, and the common inclusions of moissanite are white thread-like.


    Among the natural diamonds, only blue and gray-blue type IIB diamonds are conductive, and other common white and light yellow diamonds are not conductive. However, according to the GIA report, 80% of moissanite is a conductor. 

    Polished texture

    Moisanite's waist polishing patterns are parallel to each other, which is completely different from diamonds. Moreover, due to the difference in different directions, the polishing direction must be adjusted continuously during the diamond polishing process, and moissanite can be polished in the same direction. This is especially clear between adjacent facets.


    Although the weight of moissanite diamonds is also measured in carats, but with reference to the relevant data, the volume of moissanite of the same weight will be 10% larger than that of diamonds.

    When using the specific gravity liquid to distinguish the two, when the two volumes are the same, the diamond is heavier than moissanite, and the specific gravity of moissanite stone is 3.2, the specific gravity of diamonds is about 3.5. Put them in the specific gravity liquid, floating up to moissanite and sinking down to diamonds. what does this mean? This means that the density of moissanite is basically lower than that of natural diamond.

    Some people will say that moissanite is not as profound as diamonds, as there is no eternal representative like diamonds, and there is no symbol of unrelenting love. But here the author believes that different jewelry has different meanings. Moissanite stone has the most brilliant light , which means the prosperity of the career, family harmony and the success of love. Although the diamond is good, but the price is expensive not everyone can buy it. Engagement rings for moissanite and natural diamonds have an emotional value, not an investment value for assets. Low-cost wedding rings are moissanite rings. As a new generation of diamond substitutes, as long as you keep up it properly, don't worry about it will lose its luster. In addition, in the current market, moissanite stone jewelry will have long-term development.

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