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There are a lot of fake moissanite on the market, or zircon is used instead of moissanite. After wearing it for a long time, it will become white and black. 

Nowadays, there are sellers start to sell moissanite jewelry with apprasial from authenticity which will hugely release customer's mind to purchase with confident. However, the retail price goes a lot higher with the appraisal which does not seem to be worth considering the value. DovEggs provide a FREE APPRASIAL from authenticity and customer can ask for an apprasial even after owning the jewerly. It is one of the very big favor for the customers.

An apprasial tells full story about the jewelry, which includes the authenticity of materials, the market price and more. Simply tell of a moissanite is authentic or not can be very easy,  A stylus can do the work. The stylus can also measure the Moissanite drill, so more and more people now use the stylus. Now Doveggs will teach you how to use the stylus to judge the authenticity of Moissanite.


The first step of test: Turn on the power switch, the power indicator light is on, the instrument starts to warm up, and the preparation indicator light is on after a few seconds, indicating that the instrument is already in use.


The second step of the test: Brighten the three-color indicator light according to the weight of the diamond being tested and the temperature at the measurement location (see the table on the back of the instrument). For example: The test stone weighs more than 0.6 carats, the test site is at 10 ℃ -30 ℃, and the position of the three-color indicator light is adjusted to the second.


The third step of the test: Take off the needle cover, hold the instrument, touch the conductive plate on the back of the instrument with the index finger of your right hand, and make the probe gently touch the table surface of the real and fake diamonds.



Judgment of test results: Carefully watch the reaction of the instrument. If the remaining color lights are on to the ninth or more than nine, and accompanied by a beep, it means that the test is a true diamond/moissanite. Conversely, if the total number of bright diodes is less than nine, and the instrument does not make a sound, it is a fake or imitation.


  1. Suitable for non-metallic minerals. Do not test metals. This will reduce the service life of the instrument.
  2. Do not touch the probe with your hands and wet objects to avoid probe oxidation.
  3. The measured object should be kept clean and dry and free of oil.


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