Our Guarantee:

We guarantee that each piece we sell is genuine moissanite. Every piece of our fine jewelry is eligible to be graded by the NAGL (North American Gemological Lab) who will provide an appraisal of authenticity.

Here at DovEggs, we offer Free Appraisals for items above $500 dollars. We will send you round-trip shipping labels between your address and North American Gemological Lab (NAGL). This is upon request to allow you get a free appraisal for your fine DovEggs jewelry any time after purchasing jewelry. We will rebate your appraisal costs for orders below $500 dollars.


For orders below $500.00, we will rebate the cost of certificate. This will help us to improve your customer experience

Please share honestly your customer experience with Doveggs on YouTube. You can get $100.00 off on the price of the certificate. Please email us at Inquiry@doveggs-seattle.com. Click on the link located on our YouTube page to claim your rebate. 

Note: The above policy applies only to US region customers due to location of the appraisal authority facility.