Moissanite Ring the New Trend – DovEggs-Seattle
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People are getting over the mindset that a moissanite ring is a cheap diamond ring. Or a clone of a diamond ring. This is totally wrong because a moissanite ring is a valuable stone as well. It is a unique stone that has been found in craters left by meteorites. 


But now it is man-made in laboratories all over the world and it has its own unique light refraction properties and it does have its own unique brilliance. It is not as noticeable as a diamond’s brilliance but it has an observable brilliance. The point being is that a moissanite ring has its own unique nature and it too will reflect certain colors when it is cut properly and held in the proper light. 

Conclusion: The moissanite ring is a valuable stone it its own right. A very nice moissanite ring can cost a very nice price but still it is more price accommodating than a diamond ring


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