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Moissanite—which the Moissanite ring is made from-- has an interesting history. It was discovered by the Nobel Prize chemist-Henri Moissan—who the Moissanite stone is named after—in 1893, in a crater in Diablo Arizona. The crater was created by a meteorite that crashed in the Arizona desert.

But make no mistake it is not a cheap replica of a diamond but it is a naturally recurring substance. It was created by man in the laboratory later after his initial discovery. Dr. Moissan, incorrectly thought that Moissanite were diamonds. They had a clear-dazzling like crystal appearance like diamonds.



In 1904, he realized that it was made of silicone carbide. It was rarely found naturally outside craters; in fact, it was so rare that it was not naturally discovered again until the 1950’s. Today, Moissanite is manufactured with man-made processes but it is as equally precious as the naturally recurring Moissanite.

Conclusion: Compared to other natural substances Moissanite is relatively new. But its brilliance and beauty will compete with the most beautiful substances found in the world today.


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