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Here is one sound reason why you should by a Moissanite Engagement ring:

They are Cost Effective

Think about when you will ask your favorite girl to marry you or you already have. Do you know that the average adult spends $6,000 dollars on a diamond engagement ring? This is a very big decision because you will be spending the rest of your life with this person. But you do not have to spend that much money on a ring.


This is where the Moissanite engagement ring comes into play. You can purchase a beautiful Moissanite ring for much less than a diamond karat engagement ring. For example, a one karat diamond ring typically costs $5,000 dollars but you can but an eye-popping Moissanite ring for $1,000 dollars. In practical terms that is a huge savings. You will not compromise your gift buy buying a cheaper ring.  Paying $1,000 dollars is a healthy price to pay for an engagement ring.

Conclusion: One very good reason to buy a Moissanite Engagement Ring is you can afford it if you are on a budget.


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