Do you know the meaning of the cuts of moissanite? Let me talk briefly – DovEggs-Seattle
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The most popular NO: 1, round cut moissanite diamond is the most common and also the most popular shape.Round moissanite stone has more flexibility in balancing cuts, colors, and clarity. Round moissanite diamonds are gentle and approachable.They love the family, and they always put the family first in their hearts. They also have a strong sense of trust and responsibility for their loved ones, and they are relatively easy to satisfy.


The oval cut moissanite diamond is cut from a long rough. It uses its length to highlight the slenderness of a woman's finger. It is brilliant and has a dazzling light.The companion who prefers this shape of moissanite is a loyal supporter of classical style, because it shows more traditional virtues such as kindness, elegance and passion. It is suitable for spouses who are both unique and not arrogant.In the eyes of Westerners, the oval moissanite implies eternal vitality.


The combination of round and square features makes the cushion one of the most classic and popular styles, and has a long-lasting charm.Cushion cut moissanite rings bring rigor and taunting ambience while bringing rigor.


The simple and steady appearance of princess cut moissanite diamond represents simplicity and generosity. It uses straight lines to show the charm and connotation, which naturally matches the open-minded and calm masculinity; worn by women, it can create a sense of rigidity and softness, showing the confident and open-mindedness of modern women.


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