How to distinguish lab grown diamond from natural diamond? – DovEggs-Seattle
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1,Different colors

Most natural diamonds are colorless, and some will be light yellow; Lab create diamonds are yellow or tan, and have hourglass-like ribbons.



The internal composition of natural diamonds is not so complicated. If you look at it with a magnifying glass, there are metal inclusions inside. However, lab create diamonds have different forms of metal inclusions. These inclusions are diverse in shape, round, needle-shaped, and rod-shaped. In addition, the metal body will appear golden yellow or black under reflected light.




3,Electrical conductivity

Of the natural diamonds, except blue diamonds, which are semiconductors, they have no conductivity and do not have any magnetic properties; However, lab create diamonds are likely to have electrical and thermal conductivity.



Textures are different due to different growth methods. The surface of natural diamonds mostly presents triangular dents or triangle seats, and the internal texture is complementary to the natural texture; The texture of lab create diamonds is often dendritic or cross-shaped, and some also appear funnel-shaped.



In fact,from the price can also clearly distinguish,natural diamond prices are very expensive,are priced in the number of carat,the price is in the unit of ten thousand.If it is the lab diamond,the price than natural diamond has an absolute advantage,cheaper,with less money can buy a bigger diamond.For example,this Doveggs 14k 0.5 carat lab diamond contracted style engagement ring is only $899.





Certificate for lab diamond and natural diamond are intended to disclose more information and make identification easier.The waistline of lab diamonds will be laser-engraved with the word “Laboratory Grown”,and the certificate will be very different in appearance and color from natural diamonds,which can be clearly distinguished. Doveggs can provide genuine gemstone identification certificates for lab diamonds under its brand.

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