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Diamond is already a proverb of love, but the conditions for the formation of natural diamond are very harsh, so natural diamond has high economic value. The scarcity of natural diamond reserves has led to the emergence of lab grown diamonds.

The laboratory cultivated CVD diamond is a diamond produced in a high-tech instrument that simulates the natural environment for natural diamond production in the natural environment. They are created by the best scientists, the most professional engineers and skilled technicians, and are the crystallization of human scientific and technological wisdom. In addition to traditional colorless diamonds, lab grown diamonds can also have more and richer colors. Pink diamonds, yellow diamonds, and blue diamonds can all be manufactured manually in the laboratory.

CVD is a lab grown diamond that uses artificial methods to simulate the crystalline characteristics of natural diamonds. It is a diamond that is truly meaningful in every respect. Its chemical, physical, atomic, light and all properties are the same as natural diamonds. They are indistinguishable with the naked eye or with an eight-fold lens, regardless of their hardness or color. It can also be said that they are twin brothers.

The purity of these CVD -grown diamonds is very rare in nature, accounting for only about 1% to 2% of the total diamond reserves. More importantly, the price of this kind of cultivated diamond is about 40% cheaper than natural diamond of the same color. Reduce the changes that have taken place in nature for thousands of years to just two or three months. It has no lower value and quality than natural diamonds. In other words, it has the same physical properties as a natural drill.

Diamonds are the most indispensable resource in the world. They are just monopolized. Diamonds are expensive because the yield is only about 2%. The other 98% can only be used as industrial diamonds.

Today, in order to get diamonds faster, people start to cultivate diamonds in the laboratory.A recent Morgan Stanley report analyzes that the report states that lab diamonds will find a suitable market position and increase the overall sales of the jewelry market. It will not be shaken passively, but when it comes to the breeding diamond that is comparable to it, lab diamonds will lead us to a new world of jewelry and fulfill the diamond dream of every lover!



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