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Moissanite has a crystalline structure that is held together with strong covalent bonding like diamonds, this allows moissanite to withstand high pressures up to 52.1 gigapascals. Colors vary widely and are graded in the D-H-J range on the diamond color grading scale.Moissanites grading is based on the diamond scale, making it easy to compare to diamonds in color, cut and clarity.

As you can see in the pictures above, moissanite looks very similar to diamonds. Many jewelers are fooled into believing moissanite jewelry is actually diamonds.


The good news is moissanites just cost about 1/10 of diamond price. This means that your jewelry budget can buy a lot more carats than if you were buying diamonds.  This also means that we can customize any design and create it with moissanite so that you’ll feel confident wearing your jewelry to any party or activity and never be afraid to lose it. Also, keep in mind, if you don’t tell, nobody will know it’s moissanite.

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