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Doveggs fat trillion orange sapphire colored gem engagement ring

Item number: XR1229

The center stone of picture is 2.5ct(8.5mm) fat trillion orange sapphire colored gem. Accentss: moissanites. Ring setting is 10k white gold. 

  • Lab Grown Method: DovEggs uses the best flux fusion teconology in the market. Flux Fusion provides the best gemstones because it creates an identical internal structure to mined gemstones, which gives the gems more brilliance and light return, which creates more vibrant colors.
  • Hardness: DovEggs’ sapphires and rubies hardness scale rating is 9, and emeralds have a rating of 8, which is the same as natural gemstones, and maintains the lifetime durability of the gemstones.
  • Color: DovEggs blue sapphires are intense, deep royal blue, which would be considered AAAAA quality.DovEggs rubies are pigeon blood red color (also called Burma red), which belong to the category of rarest red; DovEggs emeralds are in zambia green, and have a deep green hue with a slight bluish overtone and superior clarity.

  • Cut: DovEggs uses a standard, shallow cut to maximize the beauty of the gemstones’ color.
  • Clarity: DovEggs’ colored gemstones have VVSI-VVS2 clarity

DovEggs lab-grown gemstones’ must meet the quality standard conditions of being infinitely close to natural gemstones in terms of chemical composition and physical properties. Therefore they are indistinguishable from natural gemstones by the naked eye alone, and can only be identified by large equipment, such as mass spectrometers.

Guide for first timer(Cut choice, Color, Stone size). Please check the instructions.

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  • All of our fine jewelry comes with a limited lifetime warranty. We will repair or replace the item at no charge if the problem is directly related to a manufacturing defect. This applies for settings within 12 months of purchase and for life for lab diamonds and moissanite stones.

  • This lifetime warranty covers optical properties of the moissanite stone, including brilliance and fire, and the physical integrity of the moissanite stone. It does not cover damage or defects as a result of or related to wear and tear, accidents, abuse, misuse, loss, or theft of your moissanite gems or jewelry piece.

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