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Many people think of diamond rings as "real." However, that doesn't mean that you are settling for less if you get something different. In fact, a Moissanite ring's benefits far outnumber those of a diamond ring's. With Moissanite, you can rest assured that you have a ring that will maintain its brilliance and sparkle for decades. 

Moissanite vs. diamond

Moissanite has reached the best craftsmanship, and it surpasses diamonds in every sense. If you're looking to get an ideal ring for your engagement that costs next to nothing, the moissanite engagement ring is for you. Below are some of the reasons why Moissanite is preferred over diamonds.


Diamonds are expensive. To get a one-carat diamond, you might have to part with as much as $3000 to $26,000. Since spending so much of your earnings on a ring doesn't feel smart, you should consider better alternatives, such as Moissanite.

How much is a moissanite ring worth?

One-carat of Moissanite costs between $250 to $600. Now imagine what you can do with those extra thousands of dollars that could have gone into buying a diamond ring. A superb honeymoon experience is not bad, after all.

Does cheap mean bad quality?

Definitely not! Moissanite rings are some of the best out there. Several factors contribute to their cheap prices and determine how much they cost from place to place. Usually,moissanite is low-priced, and has the wow factor you’ve been looking for.

Patent history of moissanite

At the expiration of Charles & Colvard’s patent for moissanite in 2015, a new hope was raised for our company. Of course, the expectation to have new moissanite ring brands come into the market was not cut short — it happened just as our company hoped.

Wholesale Moissanite is another entrant. Stationed at North Carolina and owned by Guy Stimpson, just like C&C, the company now sells products made overseas,under the brand name NEO.

Stimpson’s goal was to raise the stakes for the business. He expects entrants to improve the quality of Moissanite, drop prices, and increase awareness at the same time.

Most jewelers never knew about moissanite. Stimpson believes the product is for everyone— both the guy in the ice cream store and on the floor of the stock exchange. He calls it a $100 million market.

In all, there’s a massive change going on. The moissanite market is going through a major shift structurally. Different companies are coming in with different names. The product is now in its best cut, at a much lower price, and affordable to everyone.

Why is moissanite better than a diamond and cubic zirconia (CZ) or sapphire?

A lot of us prefer diamonds, especially for engagement rings. This may be due to its classic look. But most times, prices are not as desirable as looks. With the high cost of getting a diamond ring, we cannot help but go for something cheaper.

A diamond simulant will give you the diamond look at a cheaper price. Though it appears so much like a diamond, it differs from it in every other regard.

The most popular diamond simulants on the market today are the lab-created cubic zirconia (CZ) and moissanite, but the moissanite is better. Now, you might be wondering why. Keep scrolling. You'll soon find out.

  • Durability

Diamonds rank highest on the Mohs scale, and this is what makes them the hardest gemstone. Following closely after is Moissanite. With a ranking of 9.25 on the scale, it is the second hardest gemstone used in jewelry.

Moissanite is an extremely hard stone. Moissanite rings are highly resistant to damages and scratches, and are perfect for everyday wear. Compared to diamonds, they resist heat even better. Even if you leave them in a fire, they never lose their sparkle and form.

Cubic zirconia, on the other hand, ranks at 8 to 8.5. It is also a hard stone and good for everyday wear. But when it comes to toughness, Moissanites are way better. With a toughness rating of 7.6 PSI and a ranking of 9.25, moissanites are much tougher than CZ, and harder by 1.25 points.

  • Reaction to dirt

Moissanites resist dirt better than CZ. Things like household detergents, body oils, and dust make CZ cloud over quickly. And in just minutes, the sparkle is lost. You may need to frequently reclean it to maintain its sparkle.

  • Value

Of the three products (diamond, moissanite, and cubic zirconia), CZ is the most affordable. A carat of top quality moissanite can cost as high as $400, while a CZ of about the same size goes for just $20 to $40. However, Cubic Zirconia is usually without worth and any resale value.


  • Light Performance

The level of brilliance of moissanite is quite high. They have a more excellent light performance than both diamonds and cubic zirconia (which is one more reason why they are preferred in engagement rings).


Real Life Reviews

From its dazzling beauty to its amazing sparkle, customers have a whole lot to say about theirs moissanite rings. In case you're still in doubt, we've put together a couple of reviews from real-life customers who have used the product and found it incredibly perfect. Check them out in our FB inner group!

DovEggs own a 12k members inner group on facebook for customer support and also gathering honest feedbacks from customers, customers support each other in the procedure of making purchase and custom procedure. There are over 50 posts of customer feedback everyday. 


In all, quality is our standard, as are prices that are quite affordable. Gemstones are generally priced according to the pricing strategies guiding international brands. Therefore, the prices vary from company to company, but we choose to be affordable for all women and keep luxury quality standard. 

We have an after-sale service you can rely on anytime, any day. Your fine jewelry is made to look as clean and attractive as when you first bought it.

What is even more stunning is the product’s extension of a 30-day refund policy. By this, you can return your purchase within 30 days for a complete refund, if you're not satisfied with it.


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