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We know that the price of lab grown diamond is relatively expensive. But why are people still willing to buy lab grown diamond? The reason given by you first is that the quality of the lab grown diamond is good. Its hardness and purity are actually comparable to natural diamonds. After cutting, polishing, the color can reach DE level, and the clarity can reach VVS level, it is good.

The method of lab grown diamond is like growing grain, which requires seeds and nutrients. The seeds are natural diamonds. In addition, methane gas is needed. Under the action of energy, methane forms a plasma of carbon. The air slowly deposits on natural diamonds, depositing them little by little. What makes the price of diamond cultivation still so expensive?



First of all, the production cost of lab grown diamond is particularly high. One diamond machine produces millions, and a machine can only produce 1 carat or a few carats of diamonds a week. And there are actually many small-sized, defective products.

First, the production cost of lab grown diamond is particularly high. A diamond production machine is generally worth million dollars,and a machine can only produce a small amount of diamonds in a week. And there are actually many small-sized, defective products.

In addition, technology is a big problem. With artificially cultivated diamond technology, it is difficult for technicians to make major breakthroughs in research and development in a year or even years; artificially cultivated diamonds are the product of high-tech development. High-tech, of course, it is impossible to produce cabbage prices, but the difference will be about half the price of natural diamonds.



We can know that cultivating diamonds is really hard to come by. It is cultivated by simulating the growth environment of natural diamonds, transferring the formation environment of natural diamonds to the laboratory, and using high and new technology to make diamonds grow in the laboratory. In the laboratory, in order to simulate the harsh growth environment of natural diamonds in nature, it is necessary to rely on relatively expensive production equipment and advanced technical forces, as well as professional technical personnel. These are the main reasons for the high price of diamonds currently cultivated.

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