What is A Moissanite ring made of? – DovEggs-Seattle
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Moissanite is silicon carbide (SiC) a rare, naturally occurring mineral that was first discovered in Arizona at the site of a massive meteor strike.

Naturally occurring moissanite is so scarce that any pieces large enough for to use in jewelry are prohibited to be used in that way.

For many years scientists have tried to recreate this very rare mineral. It wasn’t until the late 1990’s that scientists working in a laboratory were finally successful in developing an innovative thermal growing process to creates silicon carbide crystals.

DovEggs is a pioneer in this industry and continue to lead the way creating a truly unique mix of art and science. They can ethically and responsibly create a gemstone that not only rivals but exceeds any natural gemstone in fire and brilliance. More durable than a sapphire, ruby or emerald and nearly as hard as a diamond. 


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