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In fact, whether it ’s a diamond or a Moissanite, their color grades are best with colorless. The more transparent the color, the more beautiful the fire will be when the light penetrates. The 4C parameter is the only criterion for judging its value, and the same applies to Moissanite。




The highest grade of Moissanite diamonds is D (Diamond's initials). The closer the letter is, the closer the color of Moissanite diamonds is to yellow, which means that the color level is lower. D-class Moissanite diamonds are preferred when purchased. Moissanite diamonds are cultivated in the laboratory, so the clarity of Moissanite diamonds is usually better, even when viewed under a 10x magnifying glass, it is still excellent.


Another point is that the quality of the fire has a lot to do with the cut. A good fire indicates good cut and a standard ratio. In addition, the crystal clarity is good. The fire emitted when the ring is turned should be continuous The fire burst out, not intermittent flashes. The main thing to judge whether the cutting of Moissanite is good or not is to see if the cutting ratio is accurate and the finish is perfect. In this way, all facets can reflect all the light incident from the outside, so that the fire of Moissanite will show the most beautiful effect.


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