I Chose Moissanite for My Engagement Ring and I’ve Never Regretted It! – DovEggs-Seattle
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  • Almost twenty years ago I met my husband and I knew from the start that he was my soulmate. Lab created Moissanite was very new back then, but I read about it and was excited for him to read about it as well. We were fiscally responsible adults who wanted to buy a big house, take vacations and save for retirement. I wanted a beautiful ring as well and spending $10,000 on a wedding set just didn’t fit in with our other plans, Moissanite costs a fraction of diamonds. We ended up paying less than 2k on a 1.8 carat moissanite wedding set. It was so beautiful, and it still is just as beautiful as the day I got it. Moissanite is more sparkly than diamonds so over the years I have gotten many compliments on my beautiful ring. No one has ever guessed that it’s not a diamond and some of my family has known all these years including my mom, but she forgot!
  •     My hubby and I could have chosen to buy a big diamond back then and we could choose to buy one now, in fact I could be writing for a diamond company instead of one that sells moissanite but I’m not because I have some problems with the whole diamond industry. The first being that, diamonds are sold to us as if they’re an investment when they absolutely aren’t. Not only has the diamond market been artificially manipulated, we’ve been fooled into thinking that diamonds are a rare commodity and that’s just not true anymore. SO much of the hype about diamonds is because of clever marketing by Debeers. Young people should be saving money to buy a house, pay off student loans and grow a nest egg instead of taking out large loans for jewelry.
  •     The biggest reason why I would choose a real moissanite gemstone over a diamond though, is that my engagement ring is a symbol of my husband’s love and commitment to me and I don’t want to wear a stone that might be a “blood stone”, I know with 100% certainty that my engagement ring is cruelty free and eco-conscious. No one has lost their life for it and no one has had to mine for it.
  •  Moissanite isn’t a second choice or a, “diamond alternative” like a cubic zirconium that you’ll always hope to replace, Moissanite is an exciting new gemstone that will be beautiful, brilliant and last a lifetime for modern brides.
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