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When it comes to buying moissanite rings, the most frequent concern expressed by customers is that the moissanite won't last as long or dazzle as brilliantly as a diamond. However, in this regard, moissanite is quite comparable to diamonds, and we are so certain that your moissanite ring will last a lifetime. Here's how we know your moissanite will continue to sparkle brilliantly for years to come.

Are Moissanite Rings Long-Lasting?

The Mohs scale measures a stone's hardness and scratch resistance, assigning each precious gem a score out of ten. Diamonds have the highest durability rating, with a value of 10. Moissanites are the second hardest and most durable gem, having a hardness rating of 9.25. In comparison, emeralds are an 8 on the Moh Scale and rubies are a 9, thus moissanite is an excellent choice if durability is important to you. This implies that unless you store your moissanite ring with diamond jewelry, it is exceedingly unlikely that it will be scratched.

Does Moissanite ring Get Cloudy?

In general, a moissanite's color, clarity, and sparkle won't deteriorate with time. Some stones will cloud with time, stealing the brilliance from the jewelry. It is recommended to remove your moissanite engagement ring before using chemicals or doing cleaning tasks because the only things that can cause moissanite stones to slightly cloud are exposure to those substances or dirt and grime. The good news is that this is simply a temporary problem that can be resolved with careful cleaning, either carried out by you or by a professional, leaving your moissanite ring as sparkling and dazzling as ever.

Compared to diamonds, moissanite is less prone to chips and cracks

The harder a stone, the more scratch-resistant it is, but the brittleness and susceptibility to impact damage increase. While moissanite is exceptionally scratch-resistant (rated 9.25), it is susceptible to damage from an impact. Diamonds, on the other hand, while a popular choice for engagement rings, have a hardness rating of 10, making them slightly more susceptible to impact damage. Additionally, diamonds have cleavage planes, which are weaker regions of the stone that could split or crack if the diamond is impacted. Since moissanite stones don't have cleavage planes, their strength is consistent over their entire surface, eliminating this concern. Because of this, moissanite rings are better able to withstand daily impacts and bumps than diamonds.

DovEggs-Seattle Assures Your Moissanite Will Shine Forever!

We at DovEggs-Seattle like moissanite jewelry and are confident that it will bring you joy for the rest of your life. We promise that the moissanite stones you buy from DovEggs-Seattle will continue to sparkle and burn for a very long time.

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