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doveggs 0.4ctct-5.8ct lab created diamond oval moissanite loose stone

Item number: 0.4ct-5.8ct

Center stone: 0.4ct(4*6mm), 1ct(5*7mm) , 1.5ct(6*8mm) ,2ct(7*9mm), 3ct(8*10mm), 4.2ct(9*11mm), 5.8ct(10*12mm)

We offer two grades of moissanite,colorless (D-E-F range), near-colorless (G-H-I range).Moissanite typically has more fire than diamond. It tends to have more colored flashes of light than diamond.

Excellent cut – designed to maximize the reflective brilliance of the Moissanite (higher-than-diamond reflective index)

Jewelry is personal, the best designer may can not compare something yourself, something personal. Here at DovEggs, we offer the best customization for you, you may only have a picture of it, or there are stories behind you want the jewelry tell, our customization team will help convert what’s in your mind in a perfect way.

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Here at doveggs, we will not only cover lifetime manufacturing defects warranty repair service, we offer you the most practical and generous after sale coverage, which is 12 YEAR FREE MAINTENANCE .

The maintenance service will cover any slight discoloration, wear and abrasion of the precious metals, we will maintain your settings to prevent you from losing your gemstones and fix and re-set stones that have come loose. Professional cleaning and professional inspection will also be included in the maintenance service for your fine jewelry.

Two ways to receive your certificate of authenticity

1)You can purchase a certificate along with your fine jewelry. We will then send your jewelry to NAGL directly for grading. You will receive your jewelry with the certificate directly from NAGL. Please note, there will be a 7-business day delay of shipment to allow time for the grading.

2)You also can choose to purchase your certificate after you get your fine jewelry. Simply visit the provided website We will send you a prepaid label for you to ship the jewelry directly to NAGL, you will receive your certificate with your fine jewelry in about 10 business days including the shipping.