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Dear Customers:

We assume that you love and are thrilled about your DovEggs Jewelry. We also assume you will show off your DovEggs jewelry to all of your friends and loved ones!

Wait a moment! How about $50 off on your next order? We will give $50.00 off on your friend’s next order as well! We think this is a great deal for both you and for us. You will received a referral program email from us within 12 hours after purchase. The email will guild you to your exclusive referral link. Send the link to your friends, and your friends can get the $50 off code as soon as they open the link. Your $50 off code will be sent to you after they successfully make their first purchase!



Rewards Program

We will send you an email to join ‘DovEggs Rewards Program” after your purchase with doveggs! By joining the program, every $1 you spent in our official website There will be a 3 points loaded into your DovEggs Rewards Program accounts. The points can be redeemed as credit for your next purchase from us!

With Love, your

DovEggs Team



1. order minimum to apply: $500