DovEggs Anniversary – DovEggs-Seattle
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DovEggs Anniversary Month

Since our inception in July 2016, DovEggs has relentlessly pursued quality and excellence in every piece we create. Our mission has always been to craft luxurious standard jewelry that caters to EVERY WOMEN. We believe that high-quality,beautiful jewelry should be accessible to everyone, not just a select few. That's why we've taken a stand against the industry's historical inflated pricing strategy since Day 1.

Over the past 9 years, we have never forgotten the unwavering support of you,our loyal customers. We value you as our family, and your happiness is our utmost priority and, We have been, are, and will always go above and beyond to help!

As we celebrate our anniversary month,we're thrilled to launch an unbeatable series of events in community and on website , also individual exclusive(through email) that will outshine anything we've done since 2016.

Current Events

Lab Diamond Fever & Clearance

35% - 45% off on Lab Grown Diamond Loose Stone & Lab Diamond Jewelry (limited to lab diamond clearance collection).Check it out!