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In recent years, through continuous upgrading and transformation of moissanite, it has now reached the level of diamond D, so high-quality moissanite can rival diamond.Therefore, some unscrupulous merchants came out and used cheap zircon to disguise and sell as moissanite. This article is to introduce the difference between zircon and moissanite, hoping to help consumers make a clear judgment.



What is zircon?It was first developed by the Soviets, hence the name Soviet Stone. Also called "cubite zircon" or "Soviet diamond", it is a kind of zirconium dioxide crystal.Speaking of zircon, everyone's first reaction may be fake diamonds. For example, those small stones on cheap jewelry are generally used to call it zircon. In everyone's eyes, zircon is a counterfeit counterfeit product, which should not be a countertop at all.Most of zirconia is monoclinic when it exists in nature, and it mainly exists as the mineral "clinic zircon". Cubic single crystal zirconia is extremely rare in nature, but it is often synthesized by artificial methods and is widely used as a substitute for diamond.


The difference between zircon and moissanite:

1.Health difference:Zircon is divided into three types: high, medium and low according to the degree of crystallization. A high degree of crystallization is called a high type, and a low degree of crystallization is close to an amorphous state, which is called a low type. Among them, low-type zircon carries radiation, and long-term exposure may endanger human health.

2.Color difference:Although mosanite itself is colorless, because of its high refractive index, the fire color of mosanite can produce different colors with the intensity of light in different environments. Diamonds are better. Even in a dark environment, it emits a yellowish color.Different from Mozambique, zircon itself has many colors, including colorless, light yellow, purple red, light red, blue, green, smoke gray and so on. The colors are diverse and fully meet people's needs.

3.Difference of nature:Zircon has high refractive index, high birefringence, high density, high dispersion, and typical spectral characteristics. Its physical properties are not very stable, and it looks like the raw material of glass. Moissanite is a synthetic gemstone, which is very similar to diamond. It has hard, dazzling fire, low yield and other properties. Moissanite is more similar to diamond in nature and shape.


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