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  • So, you’ve got your beautiful, sparkling Moissanite ring and you want to know how to care for and clean it. The good news is that because Moissanite is nearly as hard as a diamond you rally don’t need to worry about scratching your gemstone. However, if you’re doing any home projects, hard labor or working out you should remove your gold rings or bracelets to avoid risking any scratches or dents. If you plan on spending a relaxing day poolside, leave your fine jewelry at home because along with the risk of losing your jewelry chlorine and saltwater can damage precious metals.
  •       A build-up or “film” can accumulate on precious stones such as moissanite. It won’t hurt it, but it can’t be removed with over the counter jewelry cleaner or with a jewelry store cleaning. This film can be easily removed with a special jewelry cleaning cloth. Another option is to use any silversmith polish that can be found in your local hardware or grocery store.
  •   Another thing to be aware of is that while moissanite is virtually indestructible you could lose your gemstone if the setting gets damaged. When prongs get bent or a setting is otherwise damaged your stone can become loose or even fall out. Therefore, it’s important to go to your local jewelers at least once or twice a year for a professional ultrasonic cleaning and so that the jeweler can check that your setting is still in good shape. Ultrasonic cleaning uses ultrasound (or sound waves) and a cleaning solvent to loosen dirt particles that accumulate on the surface of jewelry. This cleaning method uses bubbles induced by high frequency pressure to agitate the liquid inside the machine, meaning any soft and porous gems will incur damage. Your moissanite is neither soft nor porous so this method is perfect for cleaning it.
  •    Also, remember to store your moissanite separate from other jewelry in a small box or bag to keep the metal from becoming scratched and to prevent the moissanite from scratching any other pieces. Finally, always remember to ensure your fine jewelry. You can easily have it added to your renter’s or homeowner’s policy.
  •    Congratulations on choosing moissanite for your fine jewelry, taking care of it is important for retaining its sparkle and extending its lifespan.
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