How much is a moissanite engagement ring cost? – DovEggs-Seattle
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Generally, moissanite diamonds, lab grown diamonds and natural diamonds with GIA certificates are priced in direct proportion to their color grade and clarity grade. However, the international prices of gemstones are not the same. The prices are dictated by the pricing strategies international brands have in place. The following gemstone prices are based on our research. Please note the following gemstone prices are for reference purposes only. 
A complete engagement ring will include the following two parts: a loose stone and a metal part. The engagement rings we buy on the market are mainly gold rings and silver rings. The gold rings are classified as 10k, 14k, 18k and platinum based on the gold content of each ring.
The following are the prices of the most popular 14k gold ring plus gems we have discovered for your personal reference. We wanted to share this information, so you will have an idea of what 14K gold rings will cost:
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