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price difference of 11414+11514 replacement ring

A) If you want to upgrade the replacement ring in 14k yellow gold. We send you below whole ring quote for your reference before letting you know the price difference & 15% restocking fee. 
Semi mount of 14K yellow gold: $531 for this ring semi mount without a #11414 stone in 14k yellow gold.  So the total replacement ring price(with 15% off)  is $610.24($531*0.85+$158.89)

B) So the price difference of this 14K upgrade is $50.4($610.24-$159.89-$400.95). And the total price you need to pay is $134.37($50.4+$83.97 restocking fee)

Please let us know if you have any inquiries. That is not a problem we can make it in all yellow gold.