We have reached a very top ( Ideal cut, Crown Arrow™) quality range in H&A cut which we have been focused on for the past four years. We found needs for crushed look moissanite from our customers and started to develop the new cut to meet their needs. After constantly trying, the new cut finally reached our quality standard and was proudly released to public on March 11th, 2021 and with our customers’ help, we named it as “ Astro cut”.

The Astro cut is in a more crushed modern look and comes from smaller facets on the bottom of the stone than DovEggs H&A cut. These small facets bounce and reflect light off each other, giving it the crushed look. It was designed intentionally by DovEggs.

Shapes Available

It is available to round,elongated cushion, square cushion, oval, elongated oval, radiant, princess and pear shape. Below is a comparison between DovEggs H&A, Crown Arrow™ and Astro.