DovEggs came to fruition because of the dream of its creator Mr. Ni. Mr. Ni, along with his team of artisan jewelers envisioned a jewelry company that would work to make sure that the most brilliant beautiful pieces of jewelry could be owned by anyone, instead of just a lucky few. The team at DovEggs believes that everyone is born to shine, and this belief inspired them to create a company that would craft fine high-quality jewelry. They wanted all who dream of owning beautiful jewelry would have the opportunity at their fingertips.

We determined to change the jewelry world by specializing in creating luxurious diamonds and moissanite. We love the extraordinary lifetime brilliance of the stones we create and we’re proud to offer every dreamer the chance to own beauty they only imagined in their wildest dreams. They can have beautiful jewelry and moissanite that will last a lifetime.

DovEggs pursues the perfect high-end jewelry, marking this high standard of excellence by incorporating high-quality lab-grown moissanite and diamonds. Our gemstones do not cause environmental damage and our miners do not suffer injury while mining for our natural elements. The eternal sparkle of DovEggs moissanite&diamond symbolizes eternal love. DovEggs insists on making only high-quality jewelry while continually offering great value, to build a leading brand while offering our customers creatively designed, high quality jewelry products.

Over the years, we have committed to higher quality control and better after-sales service, to enable our customers to get the best shopping experience. We are the first jeweler to produce heirloom quality moissanite silver jewelry in settings previously only available in gold.

We also are the first company to offer twelve years of complimentary maintenance services to clean and do minor repairs to your settings and to make sure that your stone remains in your jewelry. For a long time, we sold our distinctly beautiful authentic moissanite jewelry solely on amazon and we had tremendous success. We thought long and hard about continuing this business model because of its relatively low overhead and high profit margin. In the end the driving force to change the way we run our business, came from our founder Ni. For long-term success, it’s essential that a business can build trust with its customers, and the easiest way to do that is to show who you who we are and that we care about what you care about. That’s why Ni, founder of DovEggs, puts authenticity first. He says,

“In today’s hyper competitive environment, building a brand that consumers can trust is more important than ever. Consumers value businesses with clear brand values that they keep consistently in both their actions and their messaging.”Ni envisioned a different kind of jewelry business. He wanted to work both in the US and in China to be able to make absolutely stunning, quality jewelry at a price that would be affordable for people in all walks of life.



Core Values:

A)DovEggs specializes in excellent quality lab created moissanite&diamond engagement rings and jewelry. We love the extraordinary lifetime brilliance and we are proud to polish out the most beautiful diamond like moissanite, together with well-made fine jewelry that show elegance in details and longevity.

B)We are the first company to make well-made and time resistant moissanite jewelry silver collections with quality details which only appears in gold jewelry.

C)We are also the first company to offer 12 years complimentary maintenance to clean and do minor repairs. Our showroom is located at 707 S Grady Way Suite 600, Renton, WA, and you are welcome to make an appointment and see the beautiful items in person.


Our showroom in 707 S Grady Way Suite 600,Renton,WA,you are welcome to make appointment and see the beautiful items in person.


Main Team Members


Flora Wong

Marketing & Logistic director of DovEggs

Ms Wong graduated from University of Liverpool with Bachelor degree in Mathematic major and has 2 years’ experience in RDS investment bank & GE as an accountant after graduation. She decided to change her career path to what her passion at 5 years old and started a marketing & logistics service for international business and worked for more than 10 small and giant business(Yihao, Mingfeng Tec, & more)  through marketing,logistics,supply and crowd funding strategy. She employed by DovEggs as regional marketing director since 2019 and aim to lead the team to build a well-respected international entrepreneur.

Ms Wong married with two sons, Living in Renton, USA. 




Cheryl Theriault

Marketing Advisor of DovEggs

Cheryl Theriault is a cowriter who began her career after receiving a degree in legal studies at Humphrey’s College. After going to work in a law office for just a few months she decided it wasn’t the right fit and eventually went to work at DHL where she worked her way up and became the West Coast Director of Sales for DHL Same Day. She counts working with the Department of Defense to supply the military as one of her greatest experiences at DHL. She worked in logistics and supply chain management for many years until becoming disabled in an auto accident. After spending a few years recuperating, Cheryl has embarked upon a new career as the Marketing advisor of DovEggs using her writing skills and working on using digital video production in marketing.

Cheryl is a wife, a mother of four daughters and one son and a grandmother of five and resides in the Puget Sound area of Washington.